Carlos Rocha

Portrait photo of Carlos Rocha

Volunteer Reporter

Sawyer Steinmiller


Sawyer Steinmiller high school student at the Field School where he serves as Sports Editor and Reporter for the Field News. He is also co-founder… Read more »

Carla Baumgardner

Ms. Carla M. Baumgardner is a volunteer contributor to Street Sense.

Brianne Talocka

Brianne Talocka is a volunteer at Street Sense.

Darrell Heard

Volunteer contributor

Don L. Gardner

Don L. Gardner is a former Street Sense vendor and founder of Real Love Ministries.

George Siletti

Friendship Place

George Siletti was a volunteer contributor to Street Sense. George passed away Feb. 28. 2017 you can read more about him in his memorial.

Monsoor Ali


Monsoor Ali, a born and raised Washingtonian, is a multimedia artists specializing in music and film production, literature and graphic design. He has been writing… Read more »

CJ Ciaramella

Ciaramella headshot

CJ Ciaramella is a freelance reporter in Washington, D.C. He has written for Vice, Vanity Fair, The Weekly Standard and High Times. Follow him on… Read more »

Garrett Heath Koller

Me 19

Garrett is a Software Engineer in Washington, DC.  Originally from Oklahoma, Garrett attended school at Washington and Lee University in Virginia.  His interests include LGBT… Read more »

Hope Ann Roberts


Hope Ann Roberts loves bringing people together through events and self-expression, which is why she is incredibly honored to be part of Street Sense’s Forum… Read more »

Martha Johnson

Martha pic

Martha moved to DC from Michigan in summer 2013 to be a research assistant for the Urban Institute, dedicated to better understanding policy impacts on… Read more »

Tyler Champine


Tyler is an independent researcher and communication scholar. He volunteers with the Street Sense Forum Planning Comittee, Writer’s Group, and as a copy editor for the bi-weekly… Read more »

Bill Butz


 Hi!  I’m a bald but spry 73 year-old with 4 kids, 3 kids-in-law, 6 grandkids, a bicycle and a garden.  As a demographer who studies… Read more »