Kids Lending a Hand

A photo showing middle schoolers rallying and holding a banner supporting the homeless.

While many adults have grown complacent, kids continue to do the hard work necessary to end homelessness

Nukes and Narcissism

Photo of the peace tenet outside the White House

Do we need to investigate further into the mental conditions of our people in power? Find out in this opinion piece.

All Kinds of People

A photo of a sign that says "Hate has no home here"

A vendor faces discrimination and problems when trying to make a positive impact by selling Street Sense.

We are Sanctuary

A photo of the inside of a colt Church

Angle Whitehurst talks about a group named the Sanctuary and what they represent

We Are Better Than This

A photo of skeletons sitting down

Jeffery Mcneil expresses great disappointment in the community of African Americans.

Missing You, Michael Stoops

Michael Stoops sitting in the church basement office of the National Coalition for the Homeless.

It is with great sadness that Street Sense says goodbye to Michael Stoops, who passed away peacefully on the morning of May 1. Memorial service details will be shared as soon as confirmed. In the meantime, please consider sending any photos, or anecdotes you’d like considered for inclusion in our tribute to him.

Staying Clean

Ricardo Meriedy opens up about his Heroin addiction and his six year success of sobriety.

Homelessness and Sex Trafficking Go Hand-in-Hand

Logo for Covenant House Washington

President and CEO of Covenant House Washington compels the community to fund more safe beds for homeless youth in order to help eliminate youth sex trafficking.

Pushed Out

Street Sense vendor vests hang above newspapers lined up on a sidewalk.

A Street Sense vendor/artist describes the discrimination he met with while selling papers near the White House.