A Champion for Street Papers

Brian Davis

By Brian Davis Michael Stoops loved street newspapers. He was the community organizer for the National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH), the founder of the… Read more »

Fond Memories


Fond memories, In the corners of my mind, so many memories of distant times.   Wishing you were here Because a world with you Is… Read more »

Father’s Day Prayer


Let’s take a moment of silence and pray: Father, God, I come to you today asking that you give us our streets back. We are… Read more »

What is a Father?

Reginald Denny

There is my Heavenly Father. I choose to call him Allah. When all else is gone, you always can depend on God. Now, my biological… Read more »

A Letter to Dad

Doris Robinson

You removed me from your life. My childhood growing up was good. Mommy did the best she could, raising one daughter and five sons. I… Read more »


Clarence Branch

I have a birth father. I also have a stepfather, Michael, who has been in my life since I was a teenager. He is my… Read more »

On My Way Back

Airman 1st Class Kelsey Tucker

I am a domestic violence survivor. I was in a relationship that started out well, then became abusive. Then it became MORE abusive; we were… Read more »